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We need YOUR help to protect your right to vape!


(Oklahoma below!)

Rhode Island...

Rhode Island and New England vapers,

If you live in or near Rhode Island, help us stop legislation that would make it very hard for people in Rhode Island to purchase e-cigarettes online.

SB 622 is scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee
Tuesday, April 9th at 3:30pm
Room 313
State House
Providence, Rhode Island
If you are in or around Rhode Island and can attend or speak at the hearing, please email us at or call us at 516 695 7007 and we will let you know how you can help. You do not need to speak, but it helps a lot of you can. Just showing up will make a difference.
(Below is from the CASAA website)

This bill would:
Ban e-cigarette sales to minors, but would also greatly restrict online sales of nicotine-containing products by treating e-cigarettes the same as traditional tobacco products.  

Specifically, the bill would require a retailer conducting an online sale to: (1) Obtain a copy of the buyer's driver's license; (2) Obtain a statement from the buyer affirming that they are the person pictured; and (3) Send the package through a service that checks the ID of the buyer at delivery. Retailers would be required to perform this check every time a consumer places an order.

SB 622 would also require e-cigarette retailers in Rhode Island to obtain a tobacco license and only buy their e-cigarettes from licensed wholesalers or distributors. 

If you cannot attend, or even if you can, please call, write or fax the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee below

What to say:
1. You support supports prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes and other nicotine-containing products to minors, but do not support SB 622 in its current form.

2.  Express your concern about Section 11-9-13.11 of the bill, which would restrict the online sales of vapor products.

3.  Explain that the restrictions would place Rhode Island e-cigarette vendors at a competitive disadvantage by:

4.  Note that the legislation would also overly burden consumers by requiring all shipments to repeat customers to be sent via a method that requires an in-person signature upon delivery.  This adds cost and is inconvenient for those who are not home to receive the delivery.

5. Tell the legislators that restrictions on online sales were instituted for two reasons: (1) Cigarette companies blatantly marketed to kids; and (2) Online sales were being used to evade taxes.  Because there is no evidence that a single child has been sold an e-cigarette online and e-cigarettes are not taxed in Rhode Island, there is no reason to implement such an onerous provision.

6. Explain that online sales bans only serve to protect the market share of cigarette companies.


Senate Judiciary Committee -- Who to Contact

Rhode Island citizens are encouraged to contact the members of the Judiciary Committee AND their own senator and express their opposition to the online sales restrictions.

Senator Stephen R. Archambault 
(401) 276-2599

Senator William J. Conley, Jr.
(401) 438-1924

Senator Dawson Tucker Hodgson
(401) 203-3256

Senator Paul V. Jabour (Vice Chairperson)
(401) 751-3300

Senator Frank S. Lombardi
(401) 270-1379

Senator Erin P. Lynch (Secretary)
(401) 739-8500

Senator Michael J. McCaffrey (Chairperson)
(401) 739-7576

Senator Harold M. Metts
(401) 272-0112

Senator Donna M. Nesselbush
(401) 728-3244

Senator Leonidas P. Raptakis
(401) 397-2720

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Oklahoma Vapers!!!

Despite the fact that there is no tobacco in your e-cigarettes and they do NOT cause harm to bystanders (… your government wants to tax your e-cigs!


We need your help fighting the Oklahoma E-cigarette Tax Bill! The most important thing you can do to help is tell EVERY vaper you know to write letters using the links below! Make videos, twitter it, facebook it, email it, post it, but make sure everyone knows.

Clicking one of the links below will open a pre-filled email for you to send the legislators if you want to help us prevent the bans. Please add more to the letter!!! Tell them how long you smoked for and how e-cigs helped you quit!

DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EMAIL BEFORE YOU SEND IT!!!! Only include your phone number or address if you actually live in Oklahoma please!

Oklahoma Tax Bill (Link to the Bill text HERE)

If you are a PC user click here. (if your browser downloads it.. open it in outlook then sign your name and send. If it asks if you want to open it or save it.. just click open and then sign your name and send)

If you are a MAC user click here... 

If neither of those work for you, open an email and...

Copy one of the following groups of email addresses and paste them in the “To:” section of your email depending if your email separates with semicolons or commas.;;;;;;;;

Or you can use the following if you need commas instead of semicolons...,,,,,,,,


Copy the following and paste it into the “Subject:” line of your email…

Oppose SB802

Then copy the following and paste it into the body on your email and then sign your name

Dear Representative:

Senate Bill 802 is a request bill from the tobacco lobby that relates to vapor products.  Vapor products heat a liquid solution that the user can choose the appropriate level of nicotine in order to replace very harmful tobacco cigarettes. Every month, tens of thousands of Oklahomans who smoke cigarettes are using vapor to completely stop smoking.  Studies have shown that the ingredients in the vapor liquid are generally harmless, and in fact are approved as additives in food and medications.

Oklahoma vapor shops employ hundreds of people with good jobs, and collect and remit millions of dollars annually in sales taxes.  The future health care costs saved by this industry are obvious, since thousands of smokers each month are stopping their use of tobacco.  Studies done in New Zealand and other countries show that more than a decade of experience with vapor has proven this product to be far less harmful than the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

At first glance, the bill is fronted as preventing access to minors, however the industry already restricts access to adults.  There is also a ”sin tax” in this bill, but vapor shops already collect and remit sales taxes to their state and local governments.  Cigarette sales in Oklahoma ARE NOT subject to sales taxes.

The worst part of this bill is what nobody else is telling you about.  This bill would require local vapor shops to be licensed as cigarette vendors, and to ONLY purchase their products from cigarette wholesalers.  This will require each and every shop to buy from tobacco companies.

Please vote against SB 802 in its current form.  This bill is nothing more than an effort by big tobacco to gain a monopoly on this industry, masquerading as a bill to protect minors.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



OK Vapers...

If you have the time or opportunity... please CALL the legislators!!! Letters get counted and tallied.. but telling your story has more IMPACT... call and tell them your story! You don't have to call them all.. pick one with a cool name and call them and tell them to vote NO on SB802 and tell them why vaping has changed your life and how taxing e-cigs might be a hardship for you ...

Glen Mulready (405) 557-7340
Doug Cox (405) 557-7415
Randy Grau (405)
Jeannie McDaniel (405) 557-7334
Rebecca Hamilton (405) 557-7397
Mike Ritzke (405)
Arthur Hulbert (405) 557-7310
Mike Shelton (405)